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Over half of all first time home buyers stayed in the same area where they were renting. More than three quarters of all first time home buyers purchased a single family detached home. For tips on buying right the first time, contact your local real estate agent.


While that figure’s not surprising, it’s important to note that in a seller’s market, what’s online right now may not be there tomorrow. In fact, the information on many listings may be out of date the instant they’re posted. That’s where your real estate agent comes in. Your agent can get updates and information as it’s happening- before it shows up on the web.


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Current Halifax Market Report

Halifax Real Estate Market Update – 1st Quarter 2013

Halifax Real Estate Market Update - 1st Quarter 2013.  The numbers below are based on MLS® statistics for areas 1-40 which encompass all of HRM.


1st Qtr 2013

Average Sale Price – $289,776

Number of Sales – 858

% vs 2012(price) –  +2.6%

% vs 2012(sales) –  -34%

Average Days on Market – 94

Active Listings – 2812

Absorption Rate*** – 39 weeks

Type of Market – buyers


The 1st quarter in the Halifax real estate market saw a huge decrease in the number of sales(34%).  This can be attributed to the speculation of the governments shipbuilding announcement last year which caused a significant uptick in the first quarter of 2012. The tightening of the mortgage rules also caused a decrease in sales.   Prices continued increase at a steady  pace of 2.6%.


1st Qtr 2013

Average Price – $426,572

Number of Sales – 22

% vs 2012(price) –  +26%

% vs 2012(sales) –   -31%

Average Days on Market – 84

Active Listings – 66

Absorption Rate*** – 31 weeks

Type of Market – buyers



Multi-Family homes saw a significant price increase in the first quarter increasing by 26%.  As was the case with single family residential sales were down substantially(31%).


* Includes single family homes and condominiums

** Includes multi- family homes 2-12 units

***Absorption Rate – The rate at which available homes are sold in a specific real estate market during a given time period. It is calculated by dividing the total number of available homes by the average number of sales per week. The figure shows how many weeks it will take to exhaust the supply of homes on the market. A high absorption rate may indicate that the supply of available homes will shrink rapidly, increasing the odds that a homeowner will sell a piece of property in a shorter period of time.

Buyer’s Market: Over 25 weeks of supply
Balanced/Transitional Market:  22-26 weeks of supply
Seller’s Market: Less than 22 weeks of supply

If you would like more information on the Halifax Real Estate market we can be easily reached by email info@realtypartner.ca or by phone 902-877-1787.

Kind Regards,

The Realty Partners


A great market update for Canada. Overall, our numbers are a little bit different here in Halifax. And now, our top story. In the last several years, most areas have been in a buyer’s market. However, with inventory at the lowest supply since 2005, chances are most of us are now in a seller’s market. … so what does this mean to you?


According to KW research almost half of sellers who price their house according to their real estate agents’ interpretation of its market value sold almost twice as fast and for more money than the competition. 
If you’re selling your house, the idea of pricing high to test the waters might sound appealing. But if your house is priced too high, you may be highlighting for buyers what a steal the house down the street is.